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Un extracto de webAffairs, en inglés: "note to reader: all nicks in private chats within this chapter have been changed in order to hide the identity of the individuals. "Every video broadcast has a narrative. The furniture in the room takes on new meaning if I know that the man I am talking to is having trouble with his marriage. For me the image and the text is inseparable. The text is the voice of the image, and the personal stories I learn about bring new meanings to the video stills that I have classified neatly each in individual folders on my computer. "As a government inspector, PeterPan used to regulate strip clubs. Forced into early retirement, now he is home alone most of the time and spends his days online surfing the adult rooms for entertainment. Through his quick typing I can hear his sense of humor, but I also sense a lot of bitterness. An avid reality show fan, he seem to have lost his sexual connection with his wife and instead fills the gap with internet sex. "Destiny is having trouble with her fiance and she fell in love with a guy she met online. voyager lives in Switzerland but flew to Indianapolis to meet his virtual girlfriend for a romantic road trip all the way to New Mexico. ph tells me he is still a virgin and is nervous about having sex with his girlfriend but meanwhile he s had a virtual marriage to a french girl online. Francois has sex almost every night of the week, either with his live-in girlfriend or with his virtual girlfriend. And Naughty Pete, well, he is the true exhibitionist..."